Style Baby Yeah

Feb 11, 2015

For the last hmmm, I’d have to say 4 years, my all time favourite genre in the hair department is up-styles, down-styles and, whatever else may tickle your fancy. Putting my hands to work and creating masterpieces gets my blood pumping and my creative flare firing. What’s even more exciting is seeing the hair movement being awakened with more eclectic, boho, and vintage styles. The rules are out and it’s all about freedom.

Hair is moving and nothing is going to hold it back. I do timidly admit I’m a sucker for a classic chignon, but lately I’ve been captivated with whimsical soft braids, brushed out waves, and a bit of a scruffy do. Throw in a gorgeous headpiece and wahla! Whatever it may be really I’m loving styling hair and find it more and more liberating as each day passes. NzJdvk,shuck,zsdfhjMsdvgchmzDvchjZmdcv!!! (That’s not code, that’s just my excitement).

I thought as I was writing this blog, what could be a helpful tip for you guys and gals out there needing their hair done for that very special something? Well, probably the best advice I have, is that you want that mop on your head to feel like it’s still you at the end of the day.

Being uncomfortable and feeling just not yourself is a “no no”. When it comes to a “do” just don’t try and be something your not. Be creative and have an open mind for sure, but let your personality shine through and let the real you explode. That way, you will pull the style off with confidence and grace and it will look a million bucks.

For me as a stylist, one of my main goals is to soak up as much character and charm from the person I’m working on and mould a style that will make them pop (in a good way!). Let’s face it, if your hair on your noggin is out of touch with the rest of your outfit it can be a breaker.

Hopefully, this helps a tad with your get up for your next big event!