Be Yourself Creative

Dec 29, 2014

Ever feel yourself being swallowed, consumed, taken over? A little dramatic I know. A cloudy mind, foggy thoughts to the point that trying to think of something new is a distant memory and the same monotonous things whirl around and around in your head. You’re lying on the couch flicking, scrolling, scrolling, flicking on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and an hour later you’re on your partners/best friends/sisters/cousins page admiring her tattoo that you so wanted to get like 2 years ago and dreaming of what it would look like on you now. Guilty? Yep! I am. Well maybe not so much the tattoo part but getting sucked into the numbing rest I am. Why do we do this! What’s that saying? “We are only human.” Come on! Yuck is the word that comes to mind, and the feeling along with it.

Breaking the patterns that lead me to this point of being sucked into this unrealistic world is hard. I mean, I often say, “OK, I’m going to delete Instagram for a week.” And a week later there I go again. I know you’re probably thinking by now, “Wow, this girl has a problem!” It isn’t half as bad as it sounds, but my concern is, I don’t want it to consume and define who I am creatively.

Being a stay at home mumma, I have found that my downtime is my phone, and in turn, social media, as the TV can be a little too loud when there’s a sleeping bubba in the room beside it and my phone is just “easier” (I’m sounding really lazy, I know). It’s also shown me how dangerous social media can be if used incorrectly, but if used productively, can be somewhat the opposite. It’s shifting my thinking. It’s a mind game and it plays to win. You’re the real person here, don’t be the victim. This may sound melodramatic but its true. One remarkable person in my life, hubby Luke, has taught me that social media is a tool. A tool to be yourself creatively, and to shine your own ray of light out there. Not being bias or corny, but I have only ever known him to use it this way. And it works. Plain and simple.

Sometimes we think it can be a tough gig and sometimes it is, don’t get me wrong. But for most reading this, we live in a first world country… Hello! We have the opportunity and freedom to outdo the creative callings we have bestowed on our lives, whatever it may be. Whatever it takes, see it happen and let those littlies or biggies around you watch it unfold. It will speak volumes. Encourage others to be alive too. Shift your thoughts. You’re able.