Back Into It

Aug 29, 2014

I know for every new mum sleep is not a word. Somehow it gets totally erased out of our “new mum vocab” but hey its only for a short time… right? For some longgggeerrr than others. I must admit in that short (or long) period of time you think you may curl up and die. Worth it you say? Completely! Ready? Never ha! The best thing ever? Yes! This year on the 31st of May the greatest, raddest lil boy entered our worlds. Boom! In 12 mins! Yep, and 8 days early too.

Orson Huckleberry Brooker, now 12 weeks old and he has found his voice! Smiles goos and gaas have joined the club of many nappies and fierce leg kicks. He is an absolute dream. Couldn’t love my little man more :) Now that I have past the short term sleep cycles and have managed to get my head around expressing milk I have decided too get back into it slowly.

Hair that is :) I have been blessed enough already to creatively style a few gorgeous heads of hair for weddings this month in hope that my sleep deprivation hadn’t made me loose my “touch”. It has been wonderful, crazy and a bit stressful in learning to be a master organiser in making this all work. But it does… work that is. It is eye opening and mind expanding. I love to sit back and think what I could have done a little more effectively, how I can grow and develop my skills on every level in this season of life.

I’m really looking forward to being able to merge my worlds as a wife, mumma,stylist and a little bit of a blogger perhaps, all into one and see what comes out. It’s going to be a journey and I’m a tad excited. New things are coming and I’d love to have you along for the smooth and bumpy ride.

Love B.